Montana Chemtrails CORRECTION

By Robert Kubiak

For apx 8 years I have watched our pristine, blue Montana skies turn gray. We now get only one to two days per week of bright sunlight. Six years ago I started collecting snow water each spring from several spots in the Bitterroot Valley, mostly on Lost Trail pass where Idaho meets Montana. I had the snow water tested at the Montana State Environmental lab each of the past 6 years.
The results are alarming!
Every year I have seen the same results. Our snow pack contains as much as 24mg/l of toxic aluminum. There’s also Barium and Strontium in the test results but only the aluminum is outrageously high. Our test samples are done according to scientific testing protocol and the snow is extracted from the drifts using a core extraction device that never touches bare ground.

We have consulted with our government officials on several occasions, but to no avail. Here in beautiful Montana are now seeing extremely high incidences of cancer, depression and suicide where there should be little or none. There is an underlying anger and agitation in the population as never before. There’s very little sunlight left!

Now for a SURPRISE!! If you’re still reading this, take a good pair of binoculars and check out the tail numbers on some of the aircraft that are spraying us. Then go to and type in that tail number. You will soon discover that the majority of the chemtrails you see every day are being made by COMMERCIAL AIRLINERS! There’s NO mistake here. Any commercial or military airliner in the sky overhead can be tracked from it’s point of origination to its destination on You can see its exact location at all times and can track speed and altitude. When it is overhead, anywhere in the world, you can access that information on All you need is a good set of binoculars and the airliner’s tail numbers are very clear. I have never been able to get Geoengineeringwatch to communicate with me about this. I have read many of Dane Wittington’s reports and it seems he refuses to place blame on the airline industry. I challenge every reader of this piece I am writing to check out any airliner spraying us from above and then go to to see who it is that is causing the havoc. Yes, for sure some entity like Blackrock is funding it. However, with now millions of chemtrails being sprayed all around the world, nowhere on earth are there enough “spare” aircraft available to be causing the devastation we are seeing without the use of commercial airliners. It only makes sense that already airborne aircraft (as in commercial airliners) are committing the atrocity. Considering the vast and intricate web of flight paths they travel every day, it only makes sense that they would be the perfect vehicles to cover the entire earth’s sky with heavy, reflective metals such as aluminum dispersed through custom engineered aerosol systems. Further, wouldn’t Airlines benefit greatly from the financial boost this method of chemtrail delivery would ensure. We need to be checking the profitability of the airline industry to further confirm their culpability in this heinous attack on humanity called chemtrails!

Farmer Bob
Hamilton, MT