Crisscross Sky

By Patriot1970

All taken by me, with my phone, in West Central Adams County Illinois. We know these aren’t normal. But they lie and call us crazy or conspiracy theorists because we point out how abnormal this is. The first time I noticed chemtrails was in early March 2020 as I was headed to the doctors office. I was at a red light and I noticed the sky was was absolutely covered with a literal grid of chemtrails. I had never seen anything like that in ky 49 years. I knew something wasn’t right. Then a couple weeks later Covid blew up in our area and everything in our town shut down.
The sky when I was a child and teenager, even an adult, was never littered with chemtrails like they are now. A vapor trail from an airplane was a rare occurrence, and it dissipated fairly quickly, but now they’re all over the place, leaving long white trails across the entire sky long after the airplane is gone, sometimes expanding into wide lines that stay there for an unusually extended length of time.
They’re creating clouds.
I saw a Tv show about Chernobyl and the scientist said they’ve been cloud seeding-spraying the skies since the 60’s, but they really sprayed when Chernobyl happened to contain the radiation fallout , and to create clouds to create rain to wash the toxicity out of the atmosphere, except it ended up raining for days and flooded. People said they SAW the military aircraft that kept going over, and leaving white trails. He explained cloud seeding, basically spraying the atmosphere with a ridiculous amount of dry ice pellets and it super cooled the warmer air creating condensation and clouds, and then rain. And he smiled and said ‘and it WORKS’. But all that radiation was now on the ground and people unknowingly were walking in it, drinking it, and most ended up with cancer. One woman who was walking when it started raining said it was like acid burning her skin and left her with sores. And then she died from cancer. A large population of children came down with thyroid cancer. So it worked, it washed it out of the sky. Too bad it ended up killing a bunch of people and making people sick.
So there’s a scientist ADMITTING that cloud seeding aka chemtrailing,, IS being done.
And yet they gaslight us telling us that’s not what’s happening when we see it with our own fricking eyes. WE ARE NOT THAT STUPID to believe it’s ’nothing’ and ‘normal’ just because they say so. It’s NOT normal, and we’re not that stupid. I really wish the government would stop acting like we are. We know the truth. The only conspiracy theorists are the ones who are making up the theory that we’re the crazy ones, telling us the lies that we aren’t seeing what we’re seeing.